October in Bournemouth is such a busy time of year, eeking out the last of the summer bedding unwilling to give in to the autumn chill. The dry days and blustery wind are leaving everything in need of a drink, wish it could just rain at night and be clear for the day, unlike today which has just rained all day!

can you buy Lyrica at walmart Some perennials needs to be cut back now, but which ones need to be left untill spring? This is where you need to let us assist you, leaving you to do the areas of gardening that you enjoy and have time for. The spring bulbs need to be going in, it seems a lot of work when there is so much else to do but we all know it will be worth it. We always suggest to our clients that we purchase a selection and put them in for them. Which is what we are doing a great deal of at the moment, along with lawn treatments, and replanting borders. Dorset is a great place to work, we have clients in The New forest so we take time for a quick photo shoot with any willing donkeys, ponies etc for us to tweet later in the day. We also work in Sandbanks, so the grounds are very different, cottage gardens then on to crisp clean clipped hedges and sea air. We love the diversity of Dorset which is how we stay enthused and inspired to create and maintain beautiful gardens.