Bregenz The frost has come, this may at last stop the weeds from growing, and slow down the grass.
It is cold now but there is still lots happening outside if you fancy braving the cold….. if you’re lucky you may have a camellia ready to burst into dramatic colour which never fails to raise our spirits.
Snow drops are out, make it your mission to find some, so small and delicate but truly beautiful. If your garden is missing these, put them on your gardening shopping list ready for next year, you will always find room for them.
Hellbores should be shooting now or at least very soon, last years big leaves may be hiding a multitude of little gems, cut these leaves back if you didn’t do it before christmas.
Anenomes are great for adding splashes of colour to dull days, mixed in with primroses and cyclamen. How could we think January is a dull month with all these colours.
Check your flower beds, they should fill you with anticipation of what your garden holds for you.