At least the snow has thawed.

At last the snow has thawed for a second time, as lovely as it is on the first day after that it is just grey mush with the added danger of ice, no more please it doesn’t bode well for us gardeners.  The poor daffodils are trying to recover from the weight that has been so rudely put upon them and the primroses are once again waiting to smile at you as you venture back into the garden. The signs of spring are very much in the gardens now, the shoots on the…continue reading →

April showers!

I think we all forget just how annoying April showers are! Waterproofs on, off, on, off. We are still battling to clear up the grass cuttings before it pours again. The leaves from the hedge clippings stick to the pavement and refuse to be blown into a neat pile for collection. A thought is though for such a mild winter we all worry how different the seasons are becoming with climate change, but in actual fact they are still consistent with years gone by. Dorset is such a beautiful area to work in,…continue reading →

October in Bournemouth, Poole and surrounding areas

October in Bournemouth is such a busy time of year, eeking out the last of the summer bedding unwilling to give in to the autumn chill. The dry days and blustery wind are leaving everything in need of a drink, wish it could just rain at night and be clear for the day, unlike today which has just rained all day! Some perennials needs to be cut back now, but which ones need to be left untill spring? This is where you need to let us assist you, leaving you to do the…continue reading →

Gardening in Dorset through the cold and frosty weeks of January

The frost has come, this may at last stop the weeds from growing, and slow down the grass. It is cold now but there is still lots happening outside if you fancy braving the cold..... if you're lucky you may have a camellia ready to burst into dramatic colour which never fails to raise our spirits. Snow drops are out, make it your mission to find some, so small and delicate but truly beautiful. If your garden is missing these, put them on your gardening shopping list ready for next year, you will…continue reading →

First Blog

Well the website has been live for a week or so, we are working really hard to establish it with all the front runners on the Goggle ladder. We thought doing a blog would be a good idea, so we can share some tips with you and generally make gardening fun not just hard work. Just because the weather has turned, don't abandon the plants that are still flowering, keep dead heading the Dahlias they will keep blessing you with their colours till the frosts come and get them, same with your Cosmos.…continue reading →