Hranice I think we all forget just how annoying April showers are! Waterproofs on, off, on, off. We are still battling to clear up the grass cuttings before it pours again. The leaves from the hedge clippings stick to the pavement and refuse to be blown into a neat pile for collection. A thought is though for such a mild winter we all worry how different the seasons are becoming with climate change, but in actual fact they are still consistent with years gone by. Dorset is such a beautiful area to work in, whether rain or shine. The trees are blossoming; the daffodils this year seem to be the best I’ve seen, with the tulips right behind them bursting with colour. Alliums are on their way as I see buds appearing, these are the things that keeps us excited and interested in gardening the expectations of what’s to come and how to improve it for future years.

meteorologically Foxgloves Gardens have recently signed up to wave 105’s 1000 faces appeal in aid of the Cash for Kids charity. They are looking for 1000 local people/business’s to raise £100 each to eventually raise £100,000. It helps children in the region who are financially, socially, emotionally or physically disadvantaged. We are pledging £5 for every new job we get this year, currently we have 5 so far which all came in very quickly, and at this very moment are waiting for more quotes to be decided.

where to buy Ivermectin We are lucky enough to be gardening all over the South, Dorset and Hampshire being our main areas, maintaining lawns and weeding borders keeps us busy throughout the year. Clearing pine needles in Sandbanks, blowing communal areas in Bournemouth to leaf picking in Horton, we love taking the jobs you don’t have time to do which then enables you to relax and enjoy your outdoor space. Is there an area in your garden that just doesn’t do anything or just doesn’t look right? With the correct planting and use of colours we can transform even the smallest area. We work with you and your ideas to turn it into your favourite place! Our services also include maintaining communal areas, this can be lawns, beds, hedges, containers, seasonal planting, whatever the client requires we will happily compile a package to suit. Private gardens, if you need a one off tidy up, we are more than happy to come in for the day, clear down, remove all the waste from site and leave you to enjoy your garden for the summer without the backache.
Happy Spring gardening!