order Ivermectin At last the snow has thawed for a second time, as lovely as it is on the first day after that it is just grey mush with the added danger of ice, no more please it doesn’t bode well for us gardeners.  The poor daffodils are trying to recover from the weight that has been so rudely put upon them and the primroses are once again waiting to smile at you as you venture back into the garden. The signs of spring are very much in the gardens now, the shoots on the hydrangeas, the fresh new leaves on the rose bushes, the tulips cleverly awaiting longer warmer days before they grace us with their presence.
I think garden maintenance is one of the most rewarding jobs, we are blessed with the clients we have entrusting us into their homes and allowing us to breathe life into their gardens, our attention to detail is the key to happy clients. We are lucky to live in the Parkstone area where our clients like to know we are never far away if they need us. We also maintain the surrounding areas, Branksome Park with so many trees never a shortage of leaves and brash to clear away. Bournemouth with its beautiful cliff top views which are always sort after for a lunch time stop, right out to Ringwood and Horton and everywhere in between.
All the tools have been serviced and sharpened, the list for new tools is forever growing so we can improve on the service we offer and guarantee value for money for all our existing clients and the new ones that will find our website and join us.